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Austrian & White Pine & Pine Wilt Nematode


We are now seeing Austrian Pines dying at a nearly similar rate to Scotch Pines from Pine Wilt Nematode.  Whites are being attacked at about half the rate of Austrians.

In past years, nematode infection has occurred at about a 20:1 ratio (Scotch to Austrian) the long-horned beetle insect vector much preferring the Scotch Pine.  This has now changed.  As our Scotch Pine population declines, the insect vector has begun to attack trees that she can find, and that is the Austrian, Whites, Ponderosa, and to a lesser degree, the Red Pines.

Chemical control of the nematode has been available for some time.  Researchers are now reporting 90% success rate with treatments (see Brochure).  We advocate treating select, high value trees only, on a three year basis.

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