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The Black Vine Weevil



The black vine weevil was brought into our area from nursery stock some years ago.

They didn’t thrive…in fact, we saw damage from them only three times in the last five or six years.


This year, we have already seen at least eight (8) yew plantings with significant damage from the black vine weevil!

We do not know why we are seeing this increase. It could be due to either weather changes or decline of a natural predator to the black vine weevil.
Regardless, check your yews, rhododendrons and azaleas carefully.

If you see the “tell-tale” chewing’s on the interior low leaves, treat immediately.


In the past, virtually all yew problems we saw were moisture related…too much or too little water. 

If you see little black spots on yellowed yew leaves (edema), this is a sign of excess moisture.  Back off the water, or increase drainage or both.


Mark Young
Board Certified Master Arborist

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