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Root Collar Excavation


"I have been told my trees have Stem Girdling Roots.
What do I do now?"

"My trees were planted too deeply, what do I do now?"

Root Collar Excavation is a process that involves removing the excess soil from around the base of the tree trunk. 

The goal is to find the first roots arising from the root flair and if possible removing any roots that are girdling the tree, (or wrapping back around the trunk of the tree and essentially strangling it).

On smaller trees, the girdling roots should be cut and removed.  On older trees, it is necessary to weigh the benefits and risks to the tree.  Sometimes we'll remove all the offending roots over a 2-3 year period, to ensure the tree survives.

Some species will not develop stem girdling roots, but instead will rot off at the soil line over a 10-15 year period.  NOTHING should be on the trunk of a tree, neither soil nor mulch.


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