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(A Precautionary Tale)


          Tree removal is a particular art form that requires experience, the right equipment and a dedication to safety.

          A lot of people believe that when having a tree removed, it is not important to ensure the tree company has experience… after all, the home-owner just wants the tree gone, they’re not concerned with the mechanics of it!

          Because in our industry, the combination of Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance are usually the most significant costs of operation, many tree care companies avoid it, or “hide” employees to minimize it.  This is a danger to not only their employees, but also to the homeowner.

          If you, as a home-owner, hire a contractor who does not have the proper Worker’s Compensation Insurance, then you, the home-owner, just became the contractor.  Check with your Insurance Agent on this.  It’s a startling revelation, especially when you just had a roofer that you knew had no insurance!

          99% of the time, nothing will happen.  It’s that 1% for which we pay so dearly.

          Whether hiring a tree company, a roofer, or a remodeler, make sure they have the proper Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance by having the agent or agency mail the certificate to you.  Do not accept a certificate of insurance direct from the company.  How would you tell if it is current?

          With all that said, we DO tree removals.  We do them safely and effectively.  If, however, we believe that we do not have the right equipment or experience for the job, we will refer you to competent tree companies that we believe will do a better job than can we.

          As an example, when we look at a job that is going to have three big trucks of debris, and it is one mile from another tree company’s yard, we know that company will do the tree more efficiently (read that cheaper) than can we.

          If a tree requires a crane to remove it safely, we’ll refer you to a company that either owns one, or uses one regularly.

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