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Champion Trees of Greater Kansas City



How do I ensure my trees are planted correctly?





By Chuck Brasher, Arborist

All trees must be in Jackson, Johnson, Clay or Wyandotte Counties

How do you know it is a “Champion Tree”?

The US Forestry Assoc. worked out a formula that is used worldwide and is used to put our tree list together. First, identify the species

and variety. You then measure tree circumference at 4 ½’ above the ground. We can then check our files to see if the tree is close to the one on

file. We will then come out, identify, and measure the tree officially.

This is how the system works:

1. Measure tree trunk 4 ½ ft. above ground. If the tree branches low, measure the narrowest point between 4 ½’ and the ground. If it is a

multi-stem, measure only the largest stem. Give tree one point for each inch of circumference.

2. Take spread of tree twice, at 90-degree angles; divide in half.

Give the tree ¼ point for each foot of spread (drip line).

Take the height of tree and give 1 point for each ft. of height.

Total the points together. (Example: 270 points)

You need to give us the species and circumference only. We will come out measure the spread, height and make sure we have the

proper name.

A tag will be placed on the Champion tree trunk with the tree code number that is listed on the Champion Tree List.

Some scientists say global warming is the biggest environmental threat of our lifetime.

Almost every yard could use some trees. Take a survey of your property, then deal with a Nursery and/or Garden Center that sells only Garden

related trees and plants. Their people are trained and educated to help you make the right choice. They have only top grade planting material.

Plants there have been inspected by the State for insects and diseases.

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