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    Mark Young

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What are Stem Girdling Roots ?

How do I ensure my trees are planted correctly?

"Fool Proof Planting Technique"

The three biggest pine problems in our area:

Austrian Pine & Pine Wilt Nematode

Magnolia Scale

Tip Blight, Dothistroma Needle Blight, and Pine Wilt

Offering commercial and residential arboricultural services to the Greater Kansas City area for over 50 years.

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Country Club Tree Service provides the very best in tree care in the greater kansas city area. Chuck Brasher founded country club tree service in 1957 on the principal that prompt professional service creates satisfied customers who will tell their friends. Since then we have grown, to offer a complete line of services, from pruning and removal of trees to insect control and disease diagnosis and prevention, but we still operate on the same guiding principal our founder believed in.
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